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ALIAS: Chantal Marshall


From: West Philadelphia
Living: Atlanta
Who am I:
I am …

The CREATER OF WHOISCHAN/ TOARTC/ INTERVIEWER for “Interview Friday.” I am an artist, author illustrator, mother and designer.

I grew up in West Philadelphia, my parents are both Jamaican so I always felt like I lived in a home of two different cultures American like & Jamaican dedicated. Purposely working towards everything you want without excuses of why you cannot multi task is normal in a Caribbean home. I am the youngest of 5 older boys; let’s just say I didn’t grow up afraid to go after what I wanted.

My mother is a “Do it All” seamstress, my playmate, friend, milliner, painter, everything creative; I got most of my creative drive from her. My father was in real-estate, Barber/owner of his own Barber shop. He was all about business, he came to America at age 18 with only $100 in his pocket and worked it out. I have a mixed personality of both. I have lived in many states along the East coast, but I always considered Philly my home; now I just adopted New York.

I grew up coloring, drawing, painting, making wild school projects. Art has always had my full attention; my mom is the kind of person who can make a fun day out of plain paper and scissors. At age 12, I knew I wanted to become an owner of my own Fashion line. I would spend days locked in my room sketching, developing ideas and I needed to act. I went to college in Atlanta, Ga at American Intercontinental University. I graduated in 2009 with my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts my majors were Fashion Design and Marketing. College life, was okay I hated two years of college and loved the other two; I just don’t know which time I hated the most. Experience in life is way better than any classroom. Out here in a world of fake rules to hold back the afraid, I discovered you just go for the things you want with purpose.

The world needs more creative platforms and I wanted to express my vision without limitations. I give you WHOISCHAN because this is who I am and everything I love about life. Focusing on enjoying life, creating and spending time with my daughters is the best adventure.