The personal belief that you have within yourself is highly important in pushing the limits throughout life. The strength behind your vision will determine how far you will go along the career path that you choose. I can tell the world that I’m great at this or that but if I truly do not believe that; people will see. The failure will then set in because the foundation that I was building on is 35% belief in self and the rest is work ethic and knowledge. I know deep inside that I want things in life that take a lot of work and dedication. The amount of people who set out in school for a degree and graduate and work as a cashier is phenomenal in numbers. My question to them is what happened and why did they give up? How are you going to pay back your loans and school fees working as a cashier? My advice is to never do anything you want in life half way. If you’re aiming high aim higher and higher the worst thing a goal oriented person can do is settle for” just”. I just want to push forward and strive for what I believe in until I can’t do it anymore. Everyone gets frightened after living a certain way and then being put out to do everything you talked about doing, duhhhhh that’s real life. 2 Pac with no nose ring life, brush yourself off and get to work. It is impossible to say you cannot do something without exhausting all the possibilities; if you say you can’t you’re a liar.

As a consumer I have never bought a product that I love and then take it home and returned it. If I loved a product in the store I will take it home and use it, there isn’t any point in returning it. When an item is too much, out of my means I pass it by because I am not ready. A product can be funny, nice to look at but foolish to buy. The question for you is, why are you treating your thoughts like pointless product? You already paid for what you need to achieve by waking up every day since elementary going to school, doing homework, putting in study time now is the time to reap the benefits. You probably worked hard to pay your way through college and now all you want to do is ring up people at a register???? Are you crazy? Believe in your thoughts, aspirations and goals so the right person down the line will think of you for the perfect career opportunity. People believe in the people who believe and act upon their own thoughts. Make sure all you do in life is worth your time and effort because you can’t get time back. There is no magic eraser in life for when you mess up great opportunities, time only allows you to learn from your past and move forward.

The strongest believer in life that you will ever find is and will always be yourself. Follow up all your greatest thoughts with action and get to work. I worked every year since I was 16 years old and my mother didn’t have enough money to put me through college. In high school I worked hard and got a scholarship for my books and I got loans for the rest. I am 29 years old today and I still need to pay my loans off but I know I won’t be paying them off working as a cashier, waitress or working retail. I have to push forward to become the person in my goals; I have to own the mind of a writer, creator and designer in order to become that. I work jobs related to the degree I went for. I keep an open mind in life and when I have learned enough from one job I move on to something greater. Everyday I’ve lived in New York has been about progression; I keep thinking, moving and developing my skills. Every month I update my resume, preparation for that one opportunity when someone asks is important. The things that I do to prepare are all because of my belief that anything I want and work hard for will happen. Some people believe in a higher religious factor for their goals to push fourth and come alive. I think religious faith is great to have and believe in, but you have to put action in behind the things you believe. The mentality of a child can give the world unheard of vision. To own the mind of a child your heart and ideas are fearless and undisturbed. The scariest thing is to grow into an adult who has lost their imagination. Do not neglect your inner child because it keeps the mind fresh and willing to try new things. The wise thoughts of an adult can push forward effective actions to bring about unlimited outcomes…

Idea of the Book

The idea behind my book is to push the young generation of visionary thinkers towards their greatness. This book will give my experience with people and career choices I’ve chose thus far because everyone in life has the right to choose their own path. To be a visionary thinker you must believe that all things are possible with dedication and effort. If I can be of assistance to people reaching out more into this universe to make their own vision that they have for their future possible; I’ve done a great thing in this life. This book talks about what happens after the preparation with college into real life situations with people in the business world, family and friends. I talk about key factors on how to remain focus on what you believe in. I am not professor but I am a true visionary thinker just like my readers. If your purpose in this life is to stay true to who you are and strive for greatness with a good team of supporters, stay tuned for my book…